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Maximize Productivity. 

Do it all in one place with the ultimate solution for behavioral healthcare

The All in One EHR system

The behavioral healthcare industry is a rapidly growing sector that needs to be able to manage its patients with optimal efficiency. Peltak offers an all-in-one Electronic Healthcare Record system that is capable of managing your entire healthcare facility. Our software allows you to leverage the power of high-tech to create efficiencies in your workflow processes, increase productivity and simplify communications. We eliminate the need for multiple software products for each department by offering a fully integrated and modernized, 360-degree solution that enables you to skyrocket your productivity and save you time and money.


Streamline Your Operations.

Say goodbye to your collection of outdated systems that are expensive to run, difficult to navigate and impossible to integrate with modern technologies. Peltak offers a comprehensive, innovative system that can manage your facility from one centralized system.

When you have a disjointed system, it’s difficult to achieve synergy across units, create accurate reports across departments and have a good grasp on the status of your entire facility.  Having one system allows you to align units, access more accurate and in-depth insights, control workflows across departments, improve communications and boost your productivity.


Behavioral healthcare is a highly specialized field that works primarily with the human mind. Unfortunately, traditional EHR systems do not take the nuances and intricacies of a behavioral healthcare facility into account. Oftentimes, facilities will need to employ a range of software products to manage each of their departments and processes individually, making for a tedious and complex working environment that is hard to manage, allows for error and is difficult to learn how to navigate.


We Meet Your Needs
In 3 Crucial Areas.

  • Essentials: We address the day-to-day essential needs of your healthcare facility, optimizing your workflows, improving your communications, and saving you valuable time and money.

  • Customization: We ensure that you remain on the cutting-edge of industry developments with forward-thinking features and benefits that we can quickly customize to your unique needs at an affordable rate.

  • Support: We’ve re-written the script when it comes to client support so you can rest assured that there will always be someone to help with onboarding your team, troubleshooting, guiding you through the transition and optimizing the system for your facility’s specific requirements.

Enjoy a clean, contemporary look and feel when you upgrade to Peltak.

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