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Welcome To Peltak.

We’re an innovative, tech-driven startup making waves in the behavioral healthcare industry. Over the course of long and healthy relationships with behavioral care facilities, we realized that something essential was missing. Behavioral healthcare hospitals and local practices were not running as smoothly and efficiently as they could, and the major disconnect lay in outdated systems that weren’t optimized for the industry.


Behavioral healthcare is a highly specialized field that works primarily with the human mind. Unfortunately, traditional EHR systems do not take the nuances and intricacies of a behavioral healthcare facility into account. Oftentimes, facilities will need to employ a range of software products to manage each of their departments and processes individually, making for a tedious and complex working environment that is hard to manage, allows for error and is difficult to learn how to navigate.


With a bold vision to transform the way facilities are managed, our technology specialists built Peltak from the ground up in collaboration with behavioral experts to develop an end-to-end EHR software that is capable of completely revolutionizing the way that behavioral health care industries work.

When we started developing Peltak, we know that we couldn’t simply adapt an existing EHR system to suit the beahvioral healthcare sector. We set out to build a completely new system that is full optimized for the beahvioral healthcare industry. Peltak has been designed with the foremost needs of behavioral healthcare practitioners in mind. Our range of features are geared towards:

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  • Maximizing your productivity

  • Saving you time

  • Eliminating errors

  • Improving your quality of patient care

  • Increasing your bottom line


Going beyond the dynamic features that we’ve built into our software, we’ve also ensured that we are able to customize it to your specific needs and adapt the solution as you grow. This is something that proves invaluable to facilities that require specialized features in order to run optimally.


Our Values

We remain steadfastly dedicated to the following set of core values that permeate everything that we do:


Exceptional Service

We pride ourselves on outstanding service, providing a seamless experience from Demo to implementation and beyond


Extended Support

We’re committed to building long-term relationships with our clients and strive to help you to make the most out of Peltak for your facility



We keep our finger on the pulse of the tech industry, ensuring that we bring the latest developments directly to you

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We believe in open and honest communication and act ethically and responsibly at all time



Just as your patients are at the center of your practice, you are at the core of our company. We tailor our offering to accommodate your most essential requirements and always keep your and your patients’ best interests at heart.

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We Love To Connect With New Clients To See How We Can Assist You To Manage Your Facility With Ease.

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