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What is an EHR software?

EHR stands for Electronic Health Record. Our software allows you to store patient information, documentation and other helth records about your patient.


How is it All in One?

Most EHR and EMR systems focus on document storage and basic patient record systems. Peltak includes those things but also integrates key features that unify the flow of patient care. For instance, Peltak has a robust revenue cycle management system integrated as well as admission and referral systems. Everything you need to care for your patients from pre-admission to admission to discharge and closing of bill is integrated into Peltak.


Can I Integrate other systems with Peltak?

Absolutely. Peltak has been designed from the ground up exclusively for behavioral healthcare in a modular format. You can pick and choose the items that you need and easily integrate into other systems. We support HL7, SFTP, CNMO, and other healthcare communication standards. With a built in engine, we can integrate to any system in a matter of days.


This sounds big. Is it easy to integrate?

For us it is but it all depends on your needs. As mentioned above Peltak can integrate to almost any healthcare system. It is also easy to use so training staff on it's usage is minimal. In most cases Peltak can be setup and running in your environment in as little as 3 months.

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